Heinrich Schmidt

At the end of 2004, Cologne Concert Brass succeeded in gaining the services of probably the most experienced and well-known Brass Band conductors in Germany: Heinrich Schmidt.

Heinrich Schmidt is the first lecturer for Brass Bands at a German University - the Folkwang Conservatory in Essen. He also has extensive international experience both in the secular Brass band scene, as well as in the spiritual tradition, as longstanding musical director of the Staff Band of the Salvation Army in Germany.

Heinrich is much sought after as conductor and teacher, not only in Germany and Austria (he is guest lecturer at Graz University) but also in England, the Netherlands and Canada.

The CCB Academy is currently conducted by Kathrin Simons and Andrew Wooler.

Ruben Schmidt

At an early age, Ruben Schmidt came into contact with brass band Music via his father, CCB conductor Heinrich Schmidt, and the Salvation Army. He studies musc (Major subject: Horn) at the Conservatory of Cologne. In Addition he has already gaing a high Reputation as a composter. His Music pieces are played by many renowned Ensembles, such as the Amsterdam Staff Band. In 2012 he was a guest at the North American Composers Forum at the Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. In 2013 he was a guest conductor at the Canadian Territorial Music School in Jacksonspoint, Ontario. Highlights of his still Young carreer is most probably the Performance of two of his works at the ISB120 Festival in the Royal Albert Hall in London in the summer of 2011.

Since September 2012, Ruben conducts the youth Ensemble Young CCB. He immensely enjoys passing on his passion for brass band music to the younger members of the CCB Family.

Past Conductors

Rob Baltus (2000-2004)
Martyn Bennett (1997-1999)

Young CCB
Martyn Bennett (2007-2012)

CCB Academy
Martyn Bennett (2010-2014)

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