CCB Academy

CCB Academy, founded in September 2010, is the newest member of the Cologne Concert Brass family. What started as a stop-gap between Young CCB and our concert band Cologne Concert Brass, it soon developed into an ensemble with a momentum and an identity of its own.

In its first year, 2011, CCB Academy already performed its first concerts as well as taking over part of CCB's concert program. Highlight of the band's short history is undoubtedly taking part in the German Brass Band context 2012 in Coesfeld. Starting in the mid-section, this was the band's first experience on the German Brass Band scene and in front of an international jury of experts. The performance was very well received, even if it wasn't quite enough for a place on the winner's stage. The first stepping-stone in the band's ambitious development has been laid, and the next contest is already planned.

CCB Academy is delighted to welcome new players at any time. Advanced players on all brass instruments are invited. The sometimes strict Brass Band regulations don't apply - anyone can join in, regardless of the band's size and the type of instrument. For instance, trumpet, french horn or German tenor hron players are very welcome. Give it a go !

As delighted as we are to see new faces, we are also proud to Academy has been able to cement its place alongside the other two CCB ensembles. A number of players from Young CCB have already “graduated” into the Academy, and some Cologne Concert Brass players welcome the opportunity to play regularly in CCBA as well.

All this makes CCB Academy a fascinating band, which has found its feet but still has that sense of freshness and excitement. We can't wait to see what hte future holds for this wonderful band.

CCB Academy is conducted by Patrick Kunzendorf.

Frontrow Cornets

Matthias Wieners(Principal)
Daniel Moos (Solo)
Claudia Rittich (Solo)
Simon Schotten (Solo)

Backrow Cornets

Jana Braunsburger (Soprano)
n.n. (Repiano)
Niels Rauland (2d)
n.n. (2d)
Jürgen Vanselow (3d)
Stefanie Broll (3d)


Felix Gerhold (Flugelhorn)
Franz Neubauer (Solo Horn)
Fritz Behringer (2nd Horn)
Gudrun Schulz (3rd Horn)


Dion Smith (Solo Euphonium)
Anke Schreiber (2nd Euphonium)
Maike Gerhold (1st Bariton)
Matthias Heidelbach (2nd Bariton)


Martin Barth (1st)
Doro Sturm (2nd)
Alfred Honsberg (2nd)
Ralf Gerhold (Bass)


Colin Smith (Eb)
Karl Breuer (Eb)
Miriam Ohler(Bb)
Roland Rittich (Bb)



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