In 2007, the first, still inofficial, brass band championships took place in Würzburg. A year later, the german national brass band championships (Deutsche Brass Band Meisterschaft) was established officially. Since then, this contest is held annualy (apart from 2011, where no championship took place).

In the contest, german brass bands compete in the sections mid, upper and top for the title. In addition, an international „entertainment“ contest takes place, where bands from other countries are admitted as well.


2016, Bad Kissingen: Cologne Concert Brass 4th in 1st section.
Test piece: „Blackout“
Choice piece: On Alderley Edge (Peter Graham)

2014, Bad Kissingen: Cologne Concert Bass 2nd in 1st section with 88 points.
Test piece: „Partita“ (Philip Sparke)
Choice piece: „A London Overture“ (Philip Sparke)

2012, Coesfeld: Cologne Concert Brass wins the upper section with 97 points.
Test piece: „This Happy Island“ (Garreth Wood)
Choice piece: „Quintessence“ (Robert Redhead)

2010, Duisburg: Cologne Concert Brass wins the upper section with 91,7 points.
Test piece: „The Belmont Variations“ (Arthus Bliss)
Choice piece: „Shine As The Light“ (Peter Graham)

2009, Ingolstadt: Cologne Concert Brass wins the upper section with 88 points.
Test piece: „Variations On Laudate Dominum“ (Edward Gregson)
Choice piece: „Purcell Variations“ (Kenneth Downie)

2008, Ingolstadt: Cologne Concert Brass wins the upper section with 94,5 points.
Test piece: „Labour And Love“ (Percy Fletcher)
Choice piece: „Quintessence“ (Robert Redhead)

2007, Würzburg: Cologne Concert Brass wins the upper section with 91,17 points.
Choice program:
„Triptych“ (Philip Sparke)
„Renaissance“ (Peter Graham)

The „Euro Brass Contest“ in Drachten, the Netherlands, is considered to be one of the most renowned entertainment contests on the European mainland. Brass bands, mainly from the Benelux countries and neighbouring countries, compete in three groups, each band performing a concert program. The performance is judged by an audience and an expert jury.


2011: Cologne Concert Brass ranks 4th in the C-Group with 85 points.
Test piece: „Salute To A Hero“ ()
Choice program:
„Penlee“ (Simon Dobson)
„Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child“ (…), Soloist: Sven-Mario Alisch, Cornet

2004: Cologne Concert Brass wins the C-Group with 191 points. Choice program:
„Exploding Brass“ (Peter Graham)
„A Malvern Suite“ (Philip Sparke)
„Stardust“ (Hoagy Carmichael), Soloist: Martyn Bennett, Trombone

The World Music Contest is internationally recognised as one of the most significant international festival for music for wind and brass instruments. During the WMC, the most important and high-profile bands from around the world will introduce you to the amazing variety of music for wind and brass instruments. Every four years, the WMC welcomes tens of thousands of participants from all corners of the globe and hundreds of thousands of visitors, who ensure that Kerkrade becomes the worldwide focus of wind and brass music.


2005: Cologne Concert Brass ranks 4th with a „gold medal“ in the 3rd section.
Test piece: „Hinemoa“ (Gareth Wood)
Choice piece:
„Mid All The Traffic“ (L. Ballantine)
„Laude“ (J. Curnow)

This contest is organised by the belgian band Brassband Hombeek. The contest is known for its professional organisation and very pleasant atmosphere. Brass Bands compete in four groups, performing a concert program, which is judged by an expert jury.


2010: Cologne Concert Brass ranks 5th in the C-Group with 83 points.
Choice program:
„Bachetto“ (Johan Evenpoel)
„The Belmont Variations“ (Arthur Bliss)
„Shine As The Light“ (Peter Graham)

2008: Cologne Concert Brass ranks 4th in the C-Group with 84 points.
Choice program:
„Champions Fanfare“ (Philip Sparke)
„Labour And Love“ (Percy Fletcher)
„Quintessence“ (Robert Redhead)


2008: Cologne Concert Brass receives prize for best entertainment piece.
Choice program:
„The Australasian“ (William Rimmer)
„Nessun Dorma“ (Puccini, Arr. Simon Kerwin), Soloist: Andre Lehmann, Sopran-Kornett
„Northern Landscapes“ (Peter Graham)
„Swingtime Religion“ (Barrie Gott)
„Sullivan Fantasy“ (Arthur Sullivan, Arr. Gordon Langford)


2003: Cologne Concert Brass competes in the 4th division. Result unknown.
Choice program:
„Goldcrest“ (J. Anderson)
„Rhapsody For Euphonium“ (J. Curnow), Soloist: Benedikt Blome, Euphonium
„Elegy From Entertainments“ (G. Vinter)
„Suite Celebration“ (B. Fraser)

2002: Cologne Concert Brass ranks 3rd in the 4th. Martyn Bennett wins the prize for best soloist.
Choice program:
„Cambridgeshire Impression“ (Rieks van der Velde)
„Shenandoah“ (Leonard Ballantine)
„Blue John“ (P. Kneale), Soloist: Martyn Bennett, Posaune
„Muhledorf“ (Derek Broadbent)

This entertainment contest takes place in Crawly..


2001: Cologne Concert Brass ranks 2nd in the B-Group.
Choice program:
„Emblem Of Unity“ (Arr. Rob Baltus)
„Diogenes“ (Jacob de Haan)
„Serenade In Mambo“ (Arr. Dennis Wilby)
„Cornet Cross“ (Arr. Rob Baltus)

CCB Academy


2016: CCB Academy wins in the 4th section.

2015: CCB Academy competes in the 3rd section. Results unknown.

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