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 +====== Young CCB ======
 +Young CCB was born in April 2007, under the direction of Martyn Bennett, who was also helped set up CCB. The goal was and is to provide young and less experienced musicians with the opportunity to play in a group and extend their musical capabilities. Of course the fun factor remains important. ​
 +Young CCB regularly takes part in concerts, occasionally together with the other CCB Bands. One highlight was taking part in the German Brass Band Championship 2010 in the category “Youth Brass Bands”.
 +Today, Young CCB is directed by Ruben Schmidt, who took over in September 2012. The band includes children and teenagers as well as adult players - both beginners and re-starters. The band welcomes new players of any age ! 
 +===== Conductor =====
 +Young CCB is conducted by Ruben Schmidt.
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