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 +====== Repertoire ======
 +===== Concerts =====
 +You are planning a gala concert for your company event, or a theme concert for a special occasion? Choose from our extensive repertoire and Cologne Concert Brass will present you with a customized program that will give your guests an memorable evening.
 +===== Background Music =====
 +It does not matter if it is a city or association fest, a jubilee or wedding: a special day requires the right musical setting. We would be happy to accompany your event with a versatile concert program, with serene and subtle background music or buoyant big band sounds.
 +===== Ensemble =====
 +A complete orchestra is not always appropriate for an event. For such settings, Cologne Concert Brass can perform with smaller ensembles of five to ten musicians, depending on the musical direction. Ensemble play is very versatile, offering a wide range of musical styles, with inexhaustible possibilities,​ reaching from chambre music to modern arrangements.
 +===== Church Music =====
 +Who doesn'​t get goosebumps, when hearing the broad full sound of a brass band in a church? Cologne Concert Brass accompanies church services, weddings and other religious settings, with full orchester or with a small ensemble. We can also organise joint performances with church organ or choir.
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